Swollen ..


It's three more weeks to Sheraz's appointment with the paediatric surgery.

It sounds creepy.

So Sheraz got swollen scrotum (read:biji).. once again since he was a newborn. We never thought it's something to worry since we know some male infants do experience this. Until we sent Sheraz to the nursery, we considered to get it checked by the doctor. So he was two months old when the surgeon checked.

The explanation of why baby boys got swollen scrotum is because of the extra fluid that they carry or maybe the extra dose of hormones they may have received from the mother before birth. This swelling is harmless, and mostly they would flush the fluid out in the pee after a few days.

In Sheraz's case, it continues. The doctor said that he may have developed a hydrocele, where fluid from the abdomen accumulates in a testicle and it doesn't want to come out. The explanation I googled for hydrocele is ..

A boy's testicles develop inside of his abdomen while he's in the womb, and then sometime before birth they usually push through a tunnel in the tissue between the groin and the abdomen and descend into the scrotal sac. At that point, the passage through the abdominal wall should close up. If it remains open, as it does in up to 50 percent of newborn boys, fluid may accumulate around the testicle and cause swelling.

This is considered normal and mostly it's expected to be back normal before the baby turns one year old. But the surgeon wanted to see Sheraz again when he turns 6 months old. By then IF the thing is not OK for him, he may consider a surgery to drain the fluid. Even if he said "minor" surgery, it is still a surgery. I can't imagine Sheraz would need to deal with stitches and 'minor' wound. I hope we don't need to undergo any surgery. Roughly from what I can see, Sheraz's scrotum looks way better. But for the time being just pray and hope the best for the little one


::Ida:: said...

how does it look like dona? very swollen ke? is sheraz in pain? after reading ur entry ni, i better had hariz check up jugak..

donarose said...

dulu dona ingat bengkak tu biasa. tp org nursery cakap bengkak sheraz tu nampak lain. so baru lah kitorg cek ngan dokter.

dia xder lah swollen sangat tp besar sebelah. x sakit pun. Ida cek la besar sebelah x. yg ni insyaAllah ok, tapi kalau air x kuar, need to drain it out. Satu lagi kemungkinan bengkak yg biasa jadi pd baby - usus termasuk dalam scrotum tu.

farahD said...

ermm my brother pun dulu kecik2 penah kena la...ermm org kate angin pasang huhuhu i cant remember what my mum did...but somehow it comes and goes anytime they want. So how is he now?

donarose said...

hi Farah.
his now seems to look much better. the baby himself is fine. he doesn't feel it's painful though. yes, supposed it will go anytime. we're here worried if the thing is so stubborn that it may need the surgeon's help to make it go :)