Sheraz is one of the 20 percent-less-lucky babies who got the skin rash called eczema. He's been having these 'baby pimples' since he was a newborn. It appears on his face, tummy, arms, neck and scalp. But he doesn't have it the whole time as this thing comes and goes. When his skin looks better and pretty, the next day it may suddenly appear back and normally it takes one day or two to heal.

Practically nobody knows for sure what causes eczema, to some babies it just happens, but to some it can be inherited. But this can be triggered by the possible allergens such as food intake which I've taken into consideration by cutting a few things in my diet since up to today he doesn't consume anything but the breastmilk. The rash can also be aggravated by heat, irritants that come in contact with the skin (some soaps, lotions, and detergents) and dry skin. When his skin gets dry he tends to scratch, as I ever said that he scratches A LOT.

These days the rashes on his face have been getting worse due to his saliva, while other affected areas are much better. He's been drooling a lot. He got chapped, red skin. And it's been a few days and not getting better. The doctor helped by giving 1% hydro cortisone and he advised to wipe his face with wet cloth frequently to prevent the skin from becoming red and worse. From the beginning I have been using baby's detergent and I wash his clothes separately. I also apply lotion as often as necessary, especially after bath. There's nothing much else to do. I just hope his very sensitive skin will be better soon. I'm so sad. As for Sheraz, he's doing just fine, like nothing is happening to him.

So these pictures are to show how he is.

So, for instance this is today ..

and suddenly he got this the next day

The second picture was taken after I picked him up at the nursery. I was shocked to see the skin and some more he looked sorrowful. Arhh so sad. (He was actually sleepy that time). Anyhow, may Allah protect him.


::Ida:: said...

kesian nyer sheraz.hopfully he'll get better real soon.

donarose said...

TQ~. amin. dah elok dah alhamdulillah. tapi bila amik dari nursery ada lagi.kena air liur sikit merah lagi. huhu

ibudhani said...

ala shian nyer...hopefully cptla la dia recover k.. ur bb meragam x? shian la dia!

donarose said...

the bad news is eczema x boleh sembuh. once dia dapat maknanya ada lah. dia boleh heal tapi akan datang balik bila ada trigger factor. contohnya I can't take kacang,sbb besoknye eczema dia makin teruk. untuk skrg ni eczema dia teruk sbb air liur dia. insyaAllah bila masa2 drooling dia habis mudah2an yg kat muka tu boleh heal terus.

alhamdulillah dia x meragam.