Happy Chinese New Year! I know it's late though. Well, the end of the CNY celebration was last night - Chap Go Meh (I'm not sure whether I spell it right). But still, happy CNY!


It's not that I was so into the celebration. It's an excitement of hoping not to feel of having a life in a war zone - no more, at least for another a year. Since we live in an area which is more like a Chinese settlement. So imagine the sound of firecrackers and fireworks everywhere outside the house. During the new year eve, loud bangs were everywhere, started from Magrib. Luckily Sheraz was fine. He even wanted to see what's happening outside.

So we couldn't sleep that night, ended by drawing the blinds to see the fireworks and the neighbours who lit the noisy firecrackers. It's better to let Sheraz watch so he knew what was happening instead of having the little curious face all along. We could see a lot of interesting colourful fireworks, yes these people dared to waste money for those things. Fortunately there was benefit out of it- it was a free entertainment for us. Especially for Sheraz. The fireworks attracted him a lot. He looked up and his mouth popped open. The show ended at nearly 1 AM. Unfortunate for the baby, that night he slept at 1 AM.

The next day we went to several houses, to some of our colleagues and neighbours. We dressed Sheraz in red. LOL. There was dragon dance with another loud voice. Some of the kids cried because they were afraid, while Sheraz was busy searching where the sound came from. That time me and Sheraz didn't sit outside as the sound was so loud.

I can't remember why he frowned

And this was taken last night. He was asleep while breastfeeding. Poor him, he was awakened by Chap Go Meh bangs. Another curious and confused face.

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