Overabundant Supply

Normally I would express milk in between Sheraz's last feeding which is before he sleeps for the night and his earliest feeding in the morning. So it would be around 3 or 4 a.m. But today I was so sleepy so I didn't wake up to pump. I knew I was having overabundant milk supply when Sheraz choked and sputtered during the morning feeding, so he didn't want to drink a lot. As there wasn't enough time to express, I went to the office with full load of milk. I could feel let-down reflex a few times. Thanks to the pads! No more embarrassing patches on the tops (yes there was one time when I forgot to wear those, luckily I had my headscarf to cover!).

Had to skip the 10 a.m session as I went for a site visit the whole morning only to be back to the office during lunch hour. So 'they' were really heavy! Once I was at the office I pumped straightaway and was surprised to find what I got!

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::Ida:: said...

wwooo banyak giler..i still havent opt for double pumping. my milk still 2-3oz per session la. *sigh*