Mitten Dilemma

As of today Sheraz is 4 months 1 week old and he's still wearing mittens! The reason is he likes to scratch himself A LOT especially when he's sleepy and crying. When I say a lot it is A LOT. We just cannot control it.

So, before making any judgement one should know my baby well.

However I take them off occasionally, especially during play time. I always make sure his nails are short and blunt. But still, nails are nails, they still scratch and leave scars on his skin.

So I don't need somebody to check on his nails! Don't accuse me of not clipping his nails. I am his mother I do what I'm supposed to.

Personally, I wish I could get rid of his mittens *sigh*

So, please don't scold me for letting my baby wear them. It's not like he can say to himself right now "Oops, I scratched myself and it hurt. I won't do that again!" As I said, one should know my baby well. And one has no right to judge this don't-know-how-to-do-our-way town girl.

If one says he may delay his hands coordination or whatnot. I may say "no, he may not." I keep on track of what he may be able to do every month and make sure he gets the necessary practice.

So please stop making me feel I am a bad mother. I believe I know what's best for my child. For goodness sake, why should I need to explain all these in the first place.


alana said...

same wit me dona.. nadira suka kacau n gosok muka.. slalu muka merah2 sbb kna kuku. even dah potg pndek pun stil muka merah. lgpun nadira kulit sensitif. kna air susu formula d mulut pun dah merah, kna lap kna air suam baru hilang merah. sbr je dlu.. nnti ok la tu, dah besar nnti bleh buka mittens dorg ni;)

donarose said...

sheraz pun kulit sensitif. merah sana sini. sbb tu dia suka gosok muka, sbb gatal. kepala pun dia suka garu. dah la botak hehe. nampak kesan cakar, kadang2 kalau dia nangis dia cakar sampai luka2.

baru ni doktor bagi ubat untuk mandi n lotion. untuk sementara ni dia xpakai bedak, sabun atau lotion lain. huhu. nasib baik yg doktor bagi tu bau dia neutral. hehe. kasian dia baby x wangi hehe.