'Mandi Pool'

As previously posted, on the topic of swimming baby. Now it's Sheraz turn to try. My sister in-law ordered and we received the stuffs last Friday! I was told few simple rules:

1. Let the baby swim only 45 minutes after feeding (I believe this is to prevent him from having unsettled stomach)
2. The water temperature should be around 35 to 36 degrees Celsius.
3.The baby can swim for not more than 20 minutes.

So we were excited to let Sheraz swim. To comply with the rule #1, after Sheraz's feeding we slowed down a bit, filled in the pool, moreover the volume of water needed was quite plenty. It actually took much longer to get everything done. So by the time things were ready Sheraz wasn't, because the wait made him wanted to nurse again. As the water was already a nice 35 degrees Celsius (as to fulfil the rule #2) we insisted to get Sheraz in before it gets cold. We thought that Sheraz likes to bathe anyway. The first 5 minutes were great, he swam, kicked the pool, splashed and after that he was getting restless. Of course we didn't want to 'abuse' him so he was in the water in much shorter time than we expected. To summarize, rule #3 was unintentionally complied.

The next attempt would be this coming weekend :D *grin of an excited parent*.
p.s. Not only me, the ayah is much excited than the bunda.


::Ida:: said...

beli kat mane pool tu dona? mcm nak beli gak la..

donarose said...

kat china.. tp kat penang atau kl mesti ada