My Bald Baby

It's Sheraz's new look. Now he's totally bald :(

DH has been having the urge to shave the baby's head bald. Sheraz has been having hair loss since he was two months. And recently he got bald patches with the largest spot was right at the back of his head. That's where he mostly rests his head when sleeping, always in the same position. At first I didn't agree but today I made the decision to let go the hair since the bald patches looked messy. So I let DH do it, with the hope that Sheraz will grow better and even new hair.

It took about 30-45 minutes to do this hard job, and he wasn't asleep when we were doing it. When we were done I was a bit sad, I miss his hair! So I tried to please myself by thinking that bald is not bad, (though the cute face does still look cute even he's now hairless). Suddenly there's one celebrity came across my mind. LOL.

Vin Diesel

DH said "how about this one?"

Harith Iskandar



Liyanna, Dona said...

Kak Rose,Sheraz mcm Upin dan Ipin!

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donarose said...

Liyanna, haha that's cute. cuma dia xde jambul kat atas kepala je hehe

Anonymous said...

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butter-and-fly said...

come baby sheraz..