Happy Four Months

Dear little Sheraz,

Today you turn four amazing months old. I'm so happy to witness how you have reached each of your developmental milestones.

Last week you rolled over from back to your tummy for the first time. Since then you like to move from one end to another. I can't believe my little baby is now mobile! Suddenly I feel your cot is not big enough for you. Sometimes one of your feet gets stuck in between the railings, and sometimes I find you turn an angle of 90 to 180 degrees.

You even roll over when you're sleeping. Last night you rolled over twice, I was awakened by the sound of your whimper. You love to be on my bed during play time. Now I feel nervous to leave you alone on it since you might roll over to the edge!

You are now developing hand and eye coordination where you like to attempt to reach for things. When ayah put you in your walker, you can spin the toys and press the music buttons. You enjoy being in it. Now we are looking forward to see you move in the walker, but that would be a bit too soon for the time being since your feet do not yet even touch the floor :)

Sheraz - bunda and ayah's bundle of joy, ayah thinks you always want to do things beyond your ability. It's not that we under estimate you, but sometimes we think it's too early for you to do certain things. You always try so hard to lift up your head and shoulder. We think that you've been trying to sit. You would sigh and get upset when you fail to achieve what you want. Don't be tense, baby. One day you'll be able to do what you desire.

Sheraz - bunda and ayah's little angel, you're getting much stronger now. Sometimes I feel like struggling when bathing you. Your legs would kick the counter and you'd move a few inches towards the edge and it's totally impossible to leave you unattended. Now that you're able to lift up your leg high together with your hip. You can kick and swipe the mobile music bears hanging above you.

Sheraz - bunda and ayah's sweetheart, you like when people are talking to you. You would laugh and say things we hardly understand. Now you sound like you're speaking Finnish. When we try to speak your language, you would say it back excitedly with expressions, as if you're telling stories.

We love how you show your gummy smile. You've been drooling heavily especially when you're playing or sitting on your car seat. I need to let you wear your bib. I know the passage of transitioning to a mouthful of gleaming teeth is beginning to start. We will be excited to see your first white cap. As for myself, I will be a bit worry by then, as you may be having the tendency to bite MORE especially during nursing. Truly, I don't mind, I just hope you breeze through the whole teething process. Keep smiling and laughing, sayang. Let the joy flood your heart. There's nothing more pleasing than to see you happy.

We love you.

Hugs and kisses,


::Ida:: said...

cepat je dah 4 months ek
happy 4 months sheraz! ;)

donarose said...

on behalf of him: Thank you aunt Ida!

butter-and-fly said...

Happy Four Months Bbay Sheraz..

Maksu.. =)