Nesting Instinct

MCPD: 36 weeks 6 days

I've been having this amazing and weird urge to do household chores. Since we moved into our new house, I experienced an energy burst. I can't just sit relaxed. All I want is to do something all the time and in the end I'd feel exhausted. Just when I want to stop, there must be other things bothering me. For instance, a single ant seems to be disturbing so much that I really try to make the house as clean and functional as possible until there's no more insect around. I'd make sure the bin is empty all the time, dust should not be seen and other dramatic things, this and that. I can sweep and mop the floor twice a time. This explains how tired I can be especially when entering the final month. DH seems to be annoyed with me. Because not only I 'force' myself to do something, I also indirectly force him to do something too. I don't like to see him doing nothing, so I like to grumble. There isn't the word 'relax' because time is not waiting, this baby may pop anytime. That's what I think and I should be ready by now.

When I read about labour, I got something which really surprised me. I never knew about Nesting Instinct in pregnancy. It's the instinct to prepare the nest for the impending arrival. This doesn't only happen to animals. If we notice cats or dogs become restless before delivery, preparing a spot for them to give birth, it's unbelievable that this animal instinct is happening to me too! This could be somehow creepy and funny.

I told this to DH and he seemed to be relieved. I guess he understands why this thing could happen to me. It's just one of those pregnancy symptoms we have to deal with. And this should explain why I was so passionate to move into the new house. It's because I want to prepare a place for me to settle down before I give birth, just like the feathered or the four-legged friends.


alana said...

salam dona..

same here.. dis wk sy suka sgt brsih2, anti kotor n untidy things. prut dh sarat stil nk vacuum room, cuci toilet. haha.. cute la ur nursery room.. sy pun x ready sgt ni wpun contraction slalu dtg. baby cot x siap hias lg. haha.. dona jgn lupa update tau klu dh deliver, me 2. wil update also;)

donarose said...

haha.lawak jer. benda tu datang dengan sendiri. perasaan seorang bakal ibu. hehe. dn pun nak hias baby cot. rasa mcm ada jer benda x puas lagi.kita mmg dah sarat.