Baby Nursery

MCPD: 37 weeks

That's the almost finished baby's room. The room is ready but it's not ready for the LO to sleep in. There are few things DH want to add in and I need to wash his bedding. To put in the round pendant light and leaf canopy was DH's idea. It's funny if the father-to-be gets involved in preparing the nursery. We put the green sofa bed for the guests. My sister will sleep in this room next month when she comes. Later it's going to be useful for me or DH to sit whenever we want to relax in the nursery, bonding the LO. The baby chair may not be useful until LO's able to sit and eat solids. We have it because it's cheap lol. The chest of drawers is to keep other LO's treasures.

Whenever we are back from the office. I and DH would open this room. DH likes to call LO's name and he seems to be really excited and can't wait to welcome LO. As for me, I like to be in the room while thinking what other things should be prepared and done (back to the nesting instinct), because thinking about having the baby around means thinking about the labour which frightens me a lot.

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