MCPD: 36 weeks 4 days

It's Ramadhan 5th. I've been fasting for 5 days, alhamdulillah. After surveying, thinking through and getting the doctor's approval, finally I took the decision to fast. Some people have different opinion about fasting pregnant women. Some say I shouldn't be fasting. I really want to fast because I don't want to miss the month and secondly because I'd rather not to fast at another time. I understand in Islam, pregnant woman doesn't need to fast. Islam doesn't impose such a hardship on those with health constraints. But this doesn't mean that a pregnant woman cannot fast. It depends on the condition of each person provided she has permission and supervision from the doctor. Fasting in Islam helps to address dietary abuse problems. It also helps to release some of the toxic built up to the extra body fat that a woman carries. Thus fasting detoxifies the body and this goes to pregnant woman as well. I just hope for the best and let Allah show the way. I know my body, so I know when to stop when things seem to go wrong. But it's been good so far. So I would just continue my puasa. LO is doing great. He's active as usual, regardless the less spacious room inside there. I hope puasa won't do any harm to him.


alana said...

hehe.. sma la dona. sy pun posa jgk. juz 1st day ari tu x thn sbb cian sgt baby tgh ari dah tendang kuat2. x smpai ati plak. hubby pun x bg posa ekceli, but after pjuk2 he said ok. hehe..

x lama lg dona.. my due 21st sept. n 2day i'm 36 wks 3 days. hehe.. dona kira awl 2 ari la kan.. ari tu jumpa abg ateng kt supermarket d likas, kk. he looks great. rndu plak zaman2 kita d usm dlu. pa2 pun, dona tek k! jgn lupa contact klu suda dliver k. same wit me jg la.

tek k dona dear ;))

donarose said...

1st day puasa dn rasa mcm baby protes la mintak makan. Tapi x layan sangat. Lagi pun itu perasaan je. baby bukan dpt makanan directly dari mknn kita pun. petang tu nak dekat berbuka sebenarnya ada rasa nak pitam bila balik dari pasar.penat sgt kot. the next days alhamdulillah ok.

aar, kita beza dua hari jer. 37 minggu ni sebenarnya kalu baby lahir dah dikira full term pregnancy. alhamdulillah. cuma elok lagi la kalu baby lahir dekat due, baru dia 'masak' betul. yer, kalau noe dah bersalin jangan lupa bagi tau k. kita kat sini insyaAllah akan bagi berita juga.

Take care, Noe, jgn penat2 mcm dn. Dn terlalu paksa buat kerja, last skali letih..