House Progress and my Passion

MCPD: 31 weeks 2 days

Before I start, I have to mention that I just noticed the above ticker. It shows that I'm in the 8th month! So close and I'm freaked out. There are actually sooo many things in my mind that I want to do before the due date. One of them is to get in the new house and prepare what should be prepared for the month of Ramadhan and for the baby for sure.

So.. we haven't moved in to the new house.

And it's due to the slow progress and prolonged delay by the contractor. Since two months back we were so excited to move in and asked the contractor to start the defect works and yet, today we're still here. Yesterday we went to have a visit AGAIN and still, it's not ready. The hacked tiles and parquets haven't been fixed, they said they're still waiting for the stock to come. Overall, that's the only outstanding work but I and DH are so enough disappointed. Hopefully very soon they'll get to clear the house.

We have been having weekly visit to the new house. DH likes to get busy doing things for the house such as installing the lights, grills and anything that can come in first. And not to forget, I've been having some sort like weekly visit to furniture shops as well. No, we don't buy furniture every week. Let's just say that I'm craved for furniture. No need to buy, just to see, to have a look and feel the store would make me feel happy. You see, maybe it's like a passion. When you're pregnant you can feel a lot of strange things happen to you. My passion is to stay in our house, so anything that goes with house like furniture or the fittings would make my day. Weird. I even like to read IKEA catalogue, and it's like every day, imagining what furniture would suit the house and whatsoever. What a silly thing.

My final trimester has been good so far. I still can walk normally without moving like a pregnant lady. I still can walk up stairs without gasping for air. I still can go round the park, mall and India Street like I normally did before I'm pregnant. I'm still full of energy. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. The thing is I want this to maintain so that I still have the strength to meet Ramadhan and move in the house once it's ready. Therefore I can't stand to wait! (Shouting mode: on) I WANT TO MOVE IN TO THE NEW HOUSE SOON.

Ah well, I'm done. Excuse moi, that was just a shout of a passionate pregnant lady. Here's a sneak peak of the house. Posting it would be something for me ..

The grille for the living room window and the entrance door are ready

Master Bedroom

Guest Room

Baby's Room

DH installing the gate light


Next would be cleaning the house, put in the necessary furniture we have, cleaning the house again and make the house habitable and comfortable enough for my family who will most probably come in the mid of September. We will welcome the baby and celebrating Raya here InsyaAllah. Now tell me why I shouldn't be that passionate! ~

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