My Little Hero

MCPD: 30 weeks

I used to feel subtle, bubble like movements, slower, rolling kicks on my tummy. But these days the little guy seems to be moving really hard. He's been SUPER active from one end to another, all the time through out the day and night. Yes, no more butterflies. His hands and legs seem to be much bigger that when he kicks and punches I can even feel my whole body vibrating.

Last time the kicking thing felt so bubbly but now it hurts! I'm afraid if my skin would crack or tear off when he stretches. But no worries, this whole thing is actually not as creepy as my graphic explanation. Most of the time DH and I feel it's funny to see my tummy vibrating and shaking. The LO likes to make my tummy look funny in shape. His stretched body or hands would make my tummy look odd..

I know in few weeks time, LO's movement will be settled down a bit as the tummy will be getting a lot squishier for him and there will be not as much space for the acrobatic activities. When that happens, I hope he'll have his head down since at the moment his position is still breeched, and that worries me a lot!

I told my mom about the LO's activities. My mom said 'my hero' is doing well and healthy. Amin.

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