Counting the Kicks

MCPD: 31 weeks 4 days

New activity to do: Counting my kicks. Yesterday was the 7th prenatal visit. I was supposed to go last two weeks but I missed it. I didn't notice that after 28 weeks of pregnancy I should be going for check up every fortnight. They did put the appointment date but I just simply didn't notice. Maybe it's just because of my pregnancy absent-mindedness.

Anyway, they gave me a chart to test for fetal movements. I should count movements of any kind such as kicks, rolls or flutters starting at 9 a.m, stop when it reaches 10 and note the time of the tenth movement. If by 9 p.m I feel less than 10 movements, I should call my practitioner or immediately get admitted.

So, the last two days in my office, I've been busy recording the movement which is like every hour. LO would give sign of movement nearly every hour as if he knows what his mommy should do. This is kind of 'fun' as I take it seriously. Some friends I know do not really bother about this and would note their counts only by the end of the day. Maybe this is what a first-timer mom tends to do. More excited, I would say.

Ever since I do this counting activity, I become a bit paranoid of losing the LO. When he doesn't move, I'd shake my tummy a bit. So that if he's sleeping, he would at least respond back to me, then only I know he's there. Just now LO was quite for more than an hour. I started to worry. Instead of shaking, I just rubbed my tummy and said salam to him. Know what, he responded. It was so amazingly cute and relieving. (Ya Allah, please protect my LO..) Then I said "Okay I know you're there, now you can go back to sleep."

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