Harder to Breathe

MCPD: 25 weeks

I have breathing problem mostly at night, after food and especially before sleeping. It actually happens every time I try to lie down. The problem worse if my dinner is quite close to bedtime, when the stomach's still a bit full. I never woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air though, and I hope I won't. But there are few things I always consider:-

#1 I try to have dinner as early as possible to minimize the bedtime problem.

#2 Sleeping position does matter. I have tried my best to stay on my side because that's the best position for a good blood circulation and well breathing. I sleep quite wild, that's my problem. Since I always wake up sleeping on my back. I always arrange barricade of pillows to minimize my 'movements'.

#3 Eucalyptus oil helps me a lot. It's effective for treating respiratory problems. I just rub on my chest but not too much. The aroma helps me breathe better.

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