First Present from GrandPa and GrandMa

MCPD: 25 weeks

Look at those cute baby clothes my parents bought for the little one. The things are still in Jakarta but I just couldn't wait to see them. So my sister Emma managed to take some pictures. I guess my parents are also stuck to the thought that the baby will be a boy. We can see from the blue patterns. Apart from that, I notice also that my sister put them on the floor which I personally wouldn't do such. But that's not an issue since I will need to wash everything before having him wear all new clothes as there might be chemicals used in making the clothes which could irritate the newborn skin. Anyway, thank you so much to bapak and ibu from us (kakak and Roy) for the gift! My parents also bought the same set for my big brother (read: big= BIG and elder) whose wife happens to be pregnant too. My sister in-law's EDD is October 2009 which is a month after mine. (My parents must be more excited than us to expect their first grandchildren at a time!). What I just heard was that they are also having a baby boy. I can imagine it was quite easy for my parents to buy the same set with the same colour..

Note: While writing this I'm missing everyone back home more *sigh*

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