Story of the Fifth Antenatal Visit

MCPD: 23 weeks 4 days

Had the appointment in the morning. When I reached there the next number would be my turn. My bladder was bloody full but I held myself from going to the loo. Well, better than losing my turn. I was only called after 30 minutes of waiting, again with the full bladder. So the nurse checked my blood pressure. It was fine alhamdulillah. I did weigh myself and gained extra 3 kgs from last month.. which is a good thing. Today I weigh 55 kilos! She did palpation to measure the size of my uterus by checking the fundal height. She measured it three times and yet was not sure of it. Then I saw her referring to a more matured-look nurse (senior, I suppose). This one checked me and asked whether I had peed this morning or not. Embarrassing! After 'releasing' it all, went in back to the room and the nurse did again the measurement. She said it's still the same even after urinating that my uterus was measured bigger than it's supposed to be.

They referred me to the doctor. The next ultrasound was already scheduled on June but because of my bigger-than-my-week belly, I have one extra ultrasound in my schedule. So the doctor did the scanning this time. And again I could see LO for the third time! He was sleeping I guess, because almost every morning I hardly can feel him. I could see him moving maybe it's also because the doppler kept pressing on him. Based on the scanning the doc said there's nothing wrong with the baby or the position. So I shouldn't be worried. Was so glad everything turned out to be fine.

On the way to my office, I texted DH about this. He said LO is a good boy, he won't let us down. Those were some sweet supportive words. He's right, this baby has been nice so far. During my first trimester I can count how many times I have thrown up unlike other fellows which could throw up so many times in a day. And the LO never woke me up in the middle of the night by kicking my ribs (or maybe I sleep too soundly to be disturbed). I hope he is and will be a good person.. In the afternoon, DH told me he received a quite fabulous amount of bonus. Alhamdulillah. The little one's rezeki, I believe. Sayaang LO..


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