LO's Piggy Bank

MCPD: 23 weeks 2 days

Well let's call it a 'penny bank', shall we? We've been collecting coins since last year. The rule is to fill in the bottle with only coins, 5 cents and above. We feed the bottle only if we have coins left, that explains why they only filled a three-quarter of it since last year. It all started because DH keeps coins at home, as you can tell men do not carry purse.

When we knew the little new comer will arrive, we decided to make this giant milk bottle as a gift for the LO. However we haven't decided how the money will be used.. But it should strictly have something to do with the baby's needs-

#1 Either we will use the money to get baby's stuffs
#2 Either we will keep the money for the baby's future benefits

But to look at our current financial condition, the money is most likely to be used for the first option. LOL. Because next we will talk more about baby cot, pot, bibs, stroller, car seat, nappies, more clothes, more nappies and milk. Can't think of other things right now.

So, both DH and I were curious to know how much it has been collected. Will it help to get the cot we've been eyeing?

So now here we are counting each of the coins in rows and columns, expecting big amount.

..and the final total is ... RM 203.00! Well, not too bad.

I guess we just need to save 'harder'. LOL. Forget about making use of the money in the near future. We might consider buying something if the bottle can be another three-quarter filled up :)

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||kiena|| said...

same la dona,...

Im pon ade berbekas duit skeleng (syiling... ntah bile la nk rajin kire mcm dona,..

xpe2 soon when the time comes...
lalalala (^,^)