Baby's First Clothes

MCPD: 23 weeks 1 day

We went to the store and found the SALE sign for baby stuffs. Though it's still considered early, DH said it's okay to buy some. I love those cute stuffs. So we chose few basic clothes, after all we still have plenty of time to buy few more progressively. Even the doctor mentioned that we're expecting a baby boy, we did think the doctor could be wrong, so we tried to choose unisex clothes though in our mind LO is still a boy. That's why the first two clothes are blue.

It's funny to think that we do have these little clothes in our room while the LO is still on the way. Still can't believe that we're having a baby soon! I touched and looked these cutie lil' clothes so many times. I feel like I can't wait to see the baby.


||kiena|| said...

waaaah donaaaaa,.. kiena pon da rase xsaba,.. syioksss nye nnt ade cite2 baby pulaaaaa,.. yeay!

donarose said...

hehe. apalagi Kiena, terus berusaha! ;)

||kiena|| said...

ye berusaha!

^|~ *wink*

dOnaRema said...

aku juga ngga sabar pengen beli baju bayiiiiii