Belly Revealed

MCPD: 23 weeks 1 day

The last two weeks are like the time when people should know that I'm pregnant when they look at me. Those who didn't know about my pregnancy would say something like "Dona, you're pregnant! I just noticed. How far along are you?"

When I posted my first 'boo-lat' picture, it was the day when some people in the office stared at my belly. I guess that day the belly started popping obviously more than the previous days. Since then I put aside all my usual office attires which are shirts and started wearing longer blouses.

Today from certain angle I maybe look more like a fat big belly lady than a pregnant one. At this stage people like to stare at my belly with confused look. As if they don't believe that I'm pregnant or what so ever. I'm not sure whether this is only my feeling. I feel like want to tell them "hello I'm pregnant here." DH said people like to look at pregnant bellies, so it means I just have to deal with it.

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