MCPD: 21 weeks 5 days

I've been very busy, in a very good way. Being the only junior architect left in the office since my other architect colleague went for maternity leave. Currently two people are having their maternity leave. My turn has not yet come. That's one of of the good things, anyway. There are new people coming but I just didn't have enough time to mingle. My seniors have been busy doing their own works. That's one good thing also hence they don't have to 'disturb' me. So since boss has been trying to give me more exposure to management, I'm doing from A to Z for this project, except for draughting. He said the project is my 'baby' and today was the tender submission to the district office. I felt so relieve that the first part is over.

I've done so many things to get this job done. Starting from lack of manpower from draughting section, I had to deal with only one person who did all my drawings, then hustle and bustle with the panic consultants, had to deal with the not-so-smooth local submission. Not to include handling the other very-urgent-design projects, handling the other bigger on the ground project myself since my assistant had a two-week break after his dad passed away, then dealing with someone who took my work on my desk without my acknowledgement and did send it to the contractor's office without a letter or transmittal form. Too bad that person is my senior. I was so disappointed to know the contractor claimed that the thing is not with them. That really boiled my blood. Then on the other hand my other senior did ask my permission to 'borrow' my only draught person to help his other 5 draught persons to finish his job. Ouch that's not fair. I nearly cried when explaining him that I really need this person so that I can meet my deadline which is only next week. So sorry to make other people read this. Enough, I just need to vent here.

Apart from the hectic situation I actually managed to handle my emotion. (Normally I'd easily cry). So today I asked these two new kids to help me do the colouring, while I was colouring one sheet for their sample, we did a chat. These kids, one Malay and one Chinese guy are actually nice kids you can chat with and share things. Luckily I get to know them. They've been in the office for few weeks but never I had the chance to know them better. The other two new guys upstairs aren't bad either, nor the new Chinese lady who answers the phone and hand me all the faxes. These new people don't make extra hustle bustle in the office, in fact they help quite a lot.

So today after office hour I and DH went out for early dinner. Hectic in relationship happens sometimes. Today it was nothing, merajuk only because I was in a middle of eating when DH showed himself restless and wanted to go home early. It was windy and normally he couldn't stand to sit long. I didn't enjoy the food because of the rush so I ended up merajuk. Ish. Once we arrived home, DH took one of the hibiscus flowers near our gate and gave it to me. So sweet. He always knows how to win the heart. :)

Note: the flower shriveled up because of the a/cond.

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