DH felt the LO's kick for the first time

MCPD: 21 weeks 5 days

..on his face! LoL. Yes, he felt the baby's movement on his cheek. This is last week's story actually. There was one night when I felt a hard baby kick. I could even see a part of the belly was moving like it was punched from the inside. At first it was terrifying cause I watched X-Files the other night. But when I thought it's the LO, I quickly asked DH to feel it. Then DH put his ear on the tummy so that he could hear anything, then he put his cheek. Suddenly LO kicked so hard, the hardest I ever felt exactly at the place DH placed his cheek. Maybe the little one responded to his daddy's voice and the touch he never felt. It was DH's first experience. He's surprised and jumped. I can still remember the shocked face. LoL. Now when I press my finger on the tummy, the baby would respond by kicking back. We feel like we start to know the little one even if he's not born yet. They say life changes when a child is born. We actually feel that life has in fact already changed.


mwe said...

sehsehhhhh dona~~ bawak LO and DH dtg kenduri aku, card dah di emel --- mwe

donarose said...

Oh yer dah tengok card tu. Tahniah mwe. Kitorang boleh doa dari jauh jer. Semoga bahagia sehseh :D