Next is allergy

MCPD: 20 weeks 2 days

While saying goodbye to morning sickness, another symptom comes. And it's ALLERGY. I have never been allergic to seafood or any kind. It attacks my fingers and toes. Now start attacking the palms. So itchy! At first I thought it was fungus, then I referred to "What to Expect" and learnt that pregnancy may aggravate allergies. As it's been almost 7 days, so I made decision to visit the doc today. He said I am allergic to something. I recalled what I have eaten and remembered that I took keropok ikan from Sabah - a lot. So the doctor said a big NO to that. Owh just found something good to my appetite and now I have to stay away from it. Ah well,I don't mind, as long as I don't have to suffer from the itch.


Anonymous said...

lama tak update? busy ker?

Mroy said...

layout dok tukaq2 tp isi x update... :p