First Ultrasound!

MCPD: 15 weeks 6 days

I had the first ultrasound yesterday! I'm so excited even if I didn't manage to get the captured image. So it was the first appointment with a doctor at what I mentioned government's clinic. From the ultrasound reading, I was actually 15w 6d instead of 14 weeks. I'm actually farther along than what I thought. So, it's like quite a big leap to be advanced a week. The LO was cute subhanallah, even if he was moving acrobatically that it's hard for me to see him clearly. I could see the heartbeat! excited. I'm actually looking forward to another opportunity for scanning and with an image cause DH really wants to see it :)


||kiena|| said...

dona,.. may allah give both of u a healthy LO! take care ya dona!

oranodes :: donarose said...

Amin. Thank you dear~

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