MCPD: 14 weeks 3 days

So I really want to have an ultrasound scan since I haven't had any and that my father asked me about the image. My sister-in-law who also happens to be preggers has got one and everyone is excited to see mine too. Since I went to government's clinic for follow-ups which hasn't done any yet, so I decided to have one at private which I thought would entertain me on that. So I called them and asked whether I could have one at this stage or not. And they said 'yes' cause I'm already more than 3 months. The dissapointment started when I met the obgyn she said I don't have to waste my time having the scan since it's not the time. What the *? I was thinking she is the one who's wasting my time! I did call them and they even okay'd it. It's the purpose of me going there anyway. She did a normal check up which I thought I even had that better at the gomen's clinic. She expected me to come back for another 5 weeks to have one! I don't like this obgyn, she acts as if she doesn't care what we think. There were few questions I ask and I know since I'd be paying more to have consultation there, I'd ask a lot of questions, she didn't even care to assist me. She talks fast, very aggressive, not calming. I did also ask that I'm not sure my EDD since my cycle is 34days, to my surprise how come she could say "it doesn't matter". What the *? I was really pissed off and no way I would go there ever again! This obgyn is the one my aunt has recommended. Guess it's just not my 'taste' at all! I don't pay them just to get dissapointment. So I stepped out and I had to pay $40 for the very unnecessary check-up. Why $40? Just don't ask me, I didn't get any supplements either. So bye bye to the so called 'good' DR. C.M. Wong. (Yes, this can be a boycott advert).

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