Bad Morning Sickness, Food Craving, Belly Pic Shots

MCPD: 13 weeks 3 days

It's still about morning sickness. It hits worse and worse. I'm still sick and become the worst picky eater. Poor the LO cos I haven't eaten any vegetables or any other good stuffs. But one thing which is good is that I can't eat any of instant noodles. I know it's not good but there's a time when I craved for white noodles where I used to have those back in Jakarta. Mi ayam and pangsit could hit my appetite the best. But where to find some kind like that here in Kuching, so I took instant noodles instead. In the evening I threw up a full sink! It was bad. The next week I had another instant noodles and guess what I had the second worst vomit. My body just can't accept the junk, so I guess how it ended up like that was so surprising for me. So, I don't care whether I suffer from vomitting, as long as it's the goodness for me and the LO. Ow not to mention that when I craved for mi ayam pangsit for the first time, I cried cause I badly wanted it. I've been asking myself why people crave. Now I know how!

So I've taken two belly pics for two different weeks. yes I have a bump which I only can notice it though it's actually normal not to have one until I'm about 20 something weeks. It's fun. But I ain't gonna put the real pics of mine here.LoL.

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