9 weeks and more gagging.. Yikes!

MCPD: 9 weeks 5 days

So alhamdulillah I'm now 9 weeks and 5 days. Even if I don't know the exact EDD since I'm just based on what I calculate and what I believe, not according to the LMP and what the books say. It's still about morning sickness and the morning sickness has been upgraded to all-day sickness! My sickness is getting worse. I'm not complaining as long as it means that I'm experiencing a normal stage those pregnant mommies are experiencing. Subhanallah. This is how to be pregnant feels, though I'm still having a whole lot weeks to go. Every different phases InsyaAllah will be jotted here.

Regarding my all-day sickness. I'm now more to gagging all the time. When there's something I find disgusting, I'd gag. When brushing teeth, I'd gag. When lunch time comes I'd gag. My sickness doesn't come together with vomitting. Maybe I'm one of those pretty lucky ones. I can count how many times I had thrown up. Maybe once in a week and I can feel when it's coming.

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