Me and the Part of Me!

MCPD: 16 weeks 3 days

Introducing the prince of my life! DH (dear husband), Roy.

So, I've been posting everything about me. This is a so called pregnancy blog, most posts are about me and my pregnancy development. But now I'm thinking not to only being the pregnant me, instead I can even start considering things around and what or who affects me. My very intention of writing the blog is for my own record. Knowing that I've neglected my old blog which I started when I was 17 (due to laziness). Finally, I write again *sigh*. But being pregnant is different, so it's kinda interesting to write about it even if it means blogging again. This is for my family who live quite a distance away from me, be it my small family in Jakarta and those in WM; plus all my friends whom I rarely meet or haven't met for hundred years. They are somewhat near and dear. So this could be something to inform how we are doing here.

So, DH reads this blog, he always would like to know what I feel during this 'weird' phase in my life. Recently he complained why I don't 'show him off'. Yup, surprisingly because I know he doesn't like any kind of 'publication'. I guess he just wants to be part of this, since he's the one who'll be the father! Actually I had mentioned about him few times. Maybe not enough for him LoL. After all, he's the closest friend of my life, of course he's a big part of me! Without him I won't get preggers anyway! So, I put that picture. He must be happy when he gets to read this!

Note: I myself even haven't put my own pic here (not to consider the tiny avatar~)


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alalala suke la roy tuh! siap buleh jelir lidah,...