Who are you and what did you do with my Little Boy?

Sheraz is 19 months, 2 weeks old.

I don't know for what reason, but Sheraz is suddenly refusing his milk. He doesn't want to take it during the day. Only has it once he gets up from his nap (if he naps) and one in the morning when he wakes up for the day.

I'm worried.

By the way, he was exclusively breastfed during the first year. He rejected cows milk so he has been on soy based milk since he turned one. He's been pretty good with this one. 6-8 oz every four hours during the day.

I don't know whether I'm too early to worry. I just hope this is just another phase and this will happen for awhile.

DH is alhamdulillah FINALLY back from his looooong cycling tour. His absence was like a nightmare to me. Sheraz woke up crying  at night every two hours! When he woke up, he screamed at the top of his lung and only settled down within an hour. And then the same thing happened again the next two hours. He just suddenly woke up and cried as loud as he could. My neighbours could have been crazy hearing his screaming voice in the middle of the night.

What I did was climbing down and up the staircase and staying myself as sane as possible. I prepared his milk with him crying on my other arm, turned on the TV, read him books, recite Ayat Kursi by heart. Either one would work only after nearly an hour of struggling. On the other hand, he's a happy and cheerful boy during the day, except that he doesn't have his milk as much as he is used to.

I don't know whether his waking up at night relates the rejection of the milk or the absence of the father. But this is totally not him. *sigh of a desperate mom*


*luv Syahnia* said...

harapnya sheraz kmbali
seperti sedia kala ;)

sbr yea kak
mngkin normal bg knk2 yg
mahu mningkat dewasa..

pstt//ain dah bls emel sis

Rose said...

ameen. Thank you Ain :)

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Maybe he just missed his father, dona. Siredik was like that when he was about a month old. Always crying, till dom had to take an emergency leave and drive back to Sri Aman. Me and sd was there for confinement. Right after dom's around, he's fine and no fussy at all. No crying even at night.

The bonding is there la babe, we just say :) You are really a strong mother :) Not easy to take care of them. Alone like that. Keep on praying so that he will be fine yah :D

Rose said...

thank you Sab for the thoughts. Indeed he missed his father. The night after Roy came back, he slept really well thru the nite. The next day he had his milk, just as usual.

It's the bond, you're right. But it's worrying me more. Cause roy's work will involve more and more travelling.

You're also a great mum! Let's just hope everything turns out well and we can cope with the challenge of being parents