Fireworks Snapshots

Happy Rabbit year!

I was sleeping when most of the neighbours lighted the fireworks, when all of a sudden I felt like the sun was rising outside my window in the middle of the night! This prompted me to record that moment- from my balcony. Surprisingly both my boys were sleeping soundly when there were loud bangs just outside our door.

I'm posting this, not because I'm good at taking pictures but to show how lousy I can be. Seriously, I never thought it would be as difficult as this!! Unlucky for me, I have zero photography skill. So of course no low ISO, no aperture or not even shutter speed were set. No. Photos suffer because of the unwanted smoke or poor exposure but the most important sense is due to the lacking of skill.

Howsoever I still got a little bit of luck by the way. I mean, a little better than the major results. least they are, in my perspective, may not be better for the professionals!


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Ok apa..

Anyway, I love taking photo's too dona. But you see mine is more 'special'. Pakei camera cyber shot biasa and paling best is sikda edit haha! No adobe, nothing. Makei paint letak 'blogspot' address nya jak :) So I guess yours is gooodd! :D

Have fun snapping! :))

dona::rose said...

thank you sabrina. but still, skill kena setanding ngan camera. I still need to learn. lol. camera ya sik canggih ney pun. sikda upgrade2.

Dont worry, the most important thing is we still got the gadget, so we can put the baby updates on the blog. rite!

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Agree! :D And other things also in our everyday-life right?

:) By the way, I have something to ask you about the blog setting. Will email you later :D

dona::rose said...

agree here. Last time i even used my lousy phone camera. I still could 'survive'. Lol

sure. Ask me anything