CNY 2011

We went visiting friends and neighbours three days in a row for Chinese New Year. By the way, Happy new year to my closest relatives, auntie Nasuha and my sister in-law kak Zhi and to everyone who celebrates it!

Below pictures were taken on the first day. So I let them do the explanation here. A picture is worth a thousand words. Cheers.

I met Sabrina and her charming baby, Siredik.


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Ahaks! Kacak gambar! Can i take siredik's photo and put it in my blog? :D Can can?

||kiena|| said...

tomeii tomeii tomeii sheraz pakai baju itu! =)

dona::rose said...

Sabrina: of course you can. But this one got the url label. Sorry I said i wanna send you some photos thru email. So Tonight i will!

Kiena: tkasih.i shouldnt get him wear the inner piece. Tp takut dia masuk angin. Hehe