About Miscarrying

Who would imagine my intention of sharing about my second pregnancy turned out to be sharing about the loss of it. But I never regretted to announce how we were happy to expect the second LO. Thank you to everyone for the wishes and prayers. I believe what I'm facing now is a good plan which had been decided by Allah.

This doa was given by Kiena who some time ago experienced the same thing.

"Ya Allah jika ianya suatu dugaan dan bebanan untuk ku, Kau ambillah ia, Sesungguhnya aku tak mampu untuk menghadapi dugaan yag lebih hebat. Sekiranya Kau kurniakan yang lebih baik, Aku bersyukur pada-Mu Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Qadial Hajat"

Thank you, dear.

So this is like the longest wait ever. It's been 7 days since I was diagnosed with a miscarriage. Yes, it's a hard-to-take waiting process but I am now getting used to it. I haven't miscarried yet, still pregnant indeed. The difference is my fetus is no longer developing. I have no more pregnancy symptoms except the morning sickness which could be possibly caused by the hormone released by the placenta which still remains in my womb. For the time being I was glad to be given an option of treatment which is to wait for a natural miscarriage. I would like to avoid the D&C, it's way too invasive for me, and I'm scared. I just pray everything will be over soon smoothly....and without any surgical procedure.

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