It's not my name. It's the disease which attacked Sheraz. I just knew about it today. So when the rashes appeared, we went back to the hospital. I was confused to see the look of the laughing doctor after we'd showed him the rashes. I thought how could he be happy over my son's suffering? But when I googled I understand that diagnosis of roseola is often uncertain until the fever drops and the rash appears. So that laughing, happy look means he got the answer of what disease Sheraz had actually got.

The doctor said Roseola is known as sixth disease, commonly affecting kids under 4 years old by nearly 100%. One of the symptoms is several days of high fever, followed by a rash just as the fever breaks. This rash is expected to disappear within 2-3 days.

He also mentioned about the human herpesvirus (HHV) type 6, and I didn't have idea what he was talking about. More info is here. What he explained are mostly there.

These were some of the indications that Sheraz has dealt with:-
1. High fever which didn't settle down until Day 3
2. Swollen lymph node in the neck
3. loss of bowels
4. Blood in poop
5. Red spots after fever lasted

It should be easier if we knew about this earlier. If you happen to read this, note it. You can learn something from Sheraz's experience. The most important thing is I'm happy that he should be fine. The rash isn't another 'thing'.

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