Hospital Stay

Salam. We are back home now from an exciting holiday. I've been desiring to update since Raya. A lot of things happened - Raya, my cousin's engagement, Sheraz's 1ST BIRTHDAY, family gathering, beach and other excitements. It's pretty sad to start those with this but today we were back home from 2-night stay at the hospital. Sheraz was down with high fever, only a week after his first birthday.

Monday early morning at 3 a.m we went to the hospital because we couldn't bring his body temperature down after panadol and dabbing him with wet cloths all over his body the whole night. When we reached the hospital his temperature was 39.8 degree Celsius. They gave him a voltaren, insert rectally and not so long he was fine, we went back home. He could play and was okay the whole day (Day 1) but in the evening the fever attacked him back. We gave him another voltaren, he could sleep through the night. When I woke up at 5 a.m his temperature was high again, we gave another voltaren and he could play as usual (Day 2). I took an emergency leave that day. Nearly 12 o'clock in the afternoon, I was in the kitchen, realizing that suddenly Sheraz was quite in the living room, quickly I saw him sitting in front of his toys, doing nothing. He was weak and the skin looked purplish or bluish, oh I don't know. We sent him to the hospital and he had to be admitted. His temperature was 40 degree Celsius.

So his doctor said the fever was due to virus infection. The blood test result was negative for dengue and cikungunya. It worries me a lot cause the fever came on and off. Hopefully he's fine and will be fine. Now he's having rashes around his tummy, chest, neck and back. I simply don't know whether it's an allergic reaction or another 'thing'. I don't want another blood test, I can't stand to see him with those nasty needles. But tomorrow if the rashes won't go, we will have another doctor visit.


::Ida:: said...

oh dear. poor sheraz.
this happened after raya ke?
i hope he is okay and well by now..
mmg susah hati kalau baby tak sihat..

hope he will get well soon.
be strong dona!

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Sad,sad... Poor boy..
What happened actually dona? What did the doctor said?

Sabrina Rafaella said...

I mean, what virus?From where that he got it?

||kiena|| said...

get well soon dear sheraz,..

dona::rose said...

Thank you so much my dear friends for your concern.

Shukur, Sheraz is well now. The rashes appeared after the fever. This disease is called Roseola. Well, I just knew it from the doctor today. I can breathe well now :)

Ida: yes, after raya, baru jer kuar hospital smalam.

Sabrina: The doctor said the virus is airborne

Kiena: amin. tQ Kiena

I will share something about this disease, In case, to protect your little love ones.

ibudhani said...

Hai Donarose.....kesiannye sheraz!!! high fever.... alhamdulillah dh sehat...Roseola?? 1st time dgr...

anak i pn br je baik dmm bout 5days jgk la dmm dia x x la high fever,..his temp around 37-38deg jek...+ batuk n selsema..dpt dr BS dia...

dona::rose said...

salam ibuDhani lama x dengar berita! alhamdu dah sihat. yer, baru dengar jugak ni pasal roseola.

alhamdu if dhani dah sihat.. x tahan kan tengok anak sakit.. huhu