Reflection on Motherhood

These are random things I would tell myself if I could go back to right before I had my first baby..

1. Trust your instincts because you are a mother
2. Nobody really knows what they're doing
3. Be grateful for you body


4. Take time for yourself and use it to the fullest
5. You will miss your parents
6. It's okay to want a break
7. It takes a little time to love your little one
8. You'll get yourself as a second priority, your life won't be only about you

and on the other side..

9. You're having a BOY
10. You're about to meet an amazing love
11. You think your life is good now, wait until you become a mother
12. Your life will change to a better
13. It's not as hard or even as easy as you expect
14. You will need time to forgive yourself
15. Treasure every moment. You'll feel sad so badly and cry and cry and cry when you realize he's turning one year old because you're afraid you are about to miss the happy moments with your baby.


Sabrina Rafaella said...
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Sabrina Rafaella said...

Ouch...that's touching, dear... :( I understand your feelings. Sekejap jak sidaknya membesar kan.Plus, we have a boy,tsktsktsk..before we knew it,they suddenly refused whenever we wants to holds their hands,crossing the roads.

Every time I see my preggo's dress, I still cannot believe it that Siredik is this big now.Felt like yesterday he was still rolling inside my tummy and I still can feel that nausea feelings.

Oh how time flies..And this months Sheraz is turning 1 year old :)
You've done a good job, dear friend :)

Aida Rasol said...

dn, kurunsnya tgk tgn dn tue...
berapa berat bdn skrg???

dona::rose said...

Sabrina - Thank you dear.I am excited, but it's also hard to see him growing up so quickly. I'm just not ready. It may be soon that he prefers to hang out with his friends rather than with his mom. huaaa..

dona::rose said...

Kak Aida - hahaha. ya kann. 43KG last time timbang. lepas tu x brani dah timbang lagi. Rasanya makin kurus