Holiday Mood

It's now 3 AM in the morning and I'm busy ironing clothes and packing. Tomorrow I'll be working the whole day as usual. And in the evening we'll be leaving for Penang. yay! DH is already on leave. He's nervous that I may not be able to pack my bags, knowing that I haven't started preparing almost every thing.

DH: I don't think you need to work tomorrow
Me: I can't, I have meeting in the afternoon
DH: Then ask somebody to substitute for you
Me: I can't, because I am the chairperson

And tomorrow's going to be a bit hectic for me. I have my work target to finish before Raya. And I'm going to finish them all by tomorrow and yet I have to be back home earlier or I'll be reaching home looking at the unhappy-husband's face.

Luckily we have bought ikan terubuk, kek lapis sarawak and we have also given raya gifts to the baby's teachers. Luckily I have cleaned the whole house last weekend. I know there's no relevant between cleaning the house and leaving outstation for raya. Well, it's just not me leaving my house without cleaning it. Because I like to enter a clean cheerful house. lol. That's what's been babbled by DH. I should have packed my things earlier, NOT doing other things.

By the way, our neighbour will help to water our plant.

Ok, I'm not focusing I shouldn't be posting any entry at this time.


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family, dona!! Raya kat Penang ka?

Wahh!! We have few things in common! Haha! Me too hate leaving my house untidy whenever I have to be away. I don't like coming home in the evening looking at siredik's toys here and there on the floor.Our clothes on the bed,on the floor,ahh! No,no..

Even early in the morning, I will still running here and there,cleaning the house before work.Besides preparing for breakfast, preparing for 'bekal' sometimes,preparing Siredik's stuff's,and the list goes on.Ah well.. macam biasalah.

When are you guys coming back and when do you start working? We'll drop by! :)

Once again happy holiday! Selamat Hari Raya Sheraz! :)

dona::rose said...

Sabrina! That sounds so I never left my stuffs on the bed. When I go home I love to see it clean. I even arrange all the toys in one row, or stack them or put them at one corner of the cot or the room. Simply because I dont like to see those every where on the floor. LOL. It's funny right. I thought I'm some kind like a freak.

We'll be back on the 17. Yes, please come for a visit. Thanks, happy holiday to you too!