School Sports and Family Day

I feel like it took me ages to post everything this. So it was Sheraz's School Sports and Family Day. His Smart Care nursery and the nearby Smart Reader pre-school are under the same management. They have this event annually. Of course as for us this was our first time.

Sheraz and other babies under two years old wore this bumble bee costumes. Even though it was their sports day, they didn't take part in any of the games. They were there just like mascots.

They arranged a few games for parents too, such as futsal for mommies, treasure hunt and a lot more. They called me to join a so called beauty contest. We had to apply make-up BUT the husbands had to do the work. Imagine how afraid I was when they asked DH to do the touch up on my face. He didn't even know what eye shadow and blush on are and didn't have the idea how to apply them! The foundation was too much, but it turned out to be not so bad cause he sneaked a bit what some of the guys did. Once everyone's done, we had to do a little catwalk pose in front of the juries. Embarrassing however it was fun. We didn't win but I still got a prize, a goodie bag of free cosmetics.

.. and after all the efforts DH had put, I was forced to join this game. And everthing was so messy. But again it was fun.

Oh well one more thing, guess what, the 'mascot' always got a fan. In this photo they were trying to pose for a picture. Notice that, this fast little boy got this lady's chocolate in his hand.

What a day :D


::Ida:: said...

sheraz soo cuteee in those uniform! :P
i love the photo of sheraz and his 2 swarm of bees. hahahhaa.. comell!!!

donarose said...

hehe. bila semua budak2 nursery tu kumpul cute lagi.

Ida, lupa nak reply sms. tgh meeting td. Sheraz bangun sekali-dua setiap malam. Dalam pukul 2 dan 4 pagi. Kadang2 yg pukul 2 tu dia skip. Dia dah 2 bulan ni pindah ke bilik kami dah, sbb bilik dia x ada air.cond. dia suka berpeluh. Ni pun dekat bilik kitorng masih berpeluh bila pasang 26. Bila pasang 25 pulak dia guling2 mcm sejuk, tu yg bagi dia terbangun sometimes. Ingatkan Hariz dah tidur through the night.. Dona kalu x larat, kadang2 bagi susu sambil baring jer.

Oh yer masa dia tidur kat bilik dia, kalau udara tgh sejuk dia sleeps better. Tidur ngan kitorang dia mcm tend to wake up more. x tau knp.

::Ida:: said...

oyeke..i think i can relate to that.. i mean wats happening to sheraz now with hariz...
we were thinking of putting him on the other room tapi nnti ida plak tak leh tido :P
maybe he's teething.. i dont know..
he havent been sleeping tru the night pon.. cuma sometimes je if we are lucky, he'll bangun at 2and 4.. juz like sheraz.i guess this is normal la kot.. i tot sheraz been sleeping tru the night :)
nway, thanks dona. nnti ape2 ida refer dona lagi :)
kiss sheraz for me :-* muaccks!

Sabrina Rafaella said...

sheraz is adorable! :) dah pandei jalan nya ka dona?
hey dona, i saw your conversation with your friend nearly 1 year age they will still wake up at night?..arghh!! :P

sighh.. it's ok, it's ok, i think now we new-mothers (chewah!) are used to sleep 3/4 hours only at night and wake up 'bersemangat' on the next day :)

then if siredik wakes up twice only pon i will still wake up every 2 hourly..dah kebal hehe

::Ida:: said...

sabrina hai!
you're so right!
even last night my hariz slept.. well almost tru the night (wakes up 2 times je), i pulak asyik terjaga tengok dia.. :P

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Hi! Hi! Ida! :)) I randomly read your blog today, waah! waah! seems like we are in the same club ye? hehe! Young charming moms (penting tu) & pumping moms! hehe! Very nice to 'know' you, ida! :)
Your son sama umur dgn sheraz gak? Masih bangun malam lah ya?..

donarose said...

Sabrina, dah pandei nya jalan, merata-rata. Yup even the kids are nearly a year of age, we're still sometimes struggling to wake at night. If sheraz wants to nurse only, it's fine. but if he wants to play, susah. He even ever woke up at 3 am to play until morning. the next day worked like a zombiee. hehe

Ida, I saw your post. Yay Hariz ada gigi. congratulations. So the answer is teething lah kan. A few major teeth would affect his mood. I don't know abt the rest sbb sheraz only got 6 now, and those were major teeth. He's now having small caps for the 7th and 8th tapi he seems to be ok. Not cranky like the first teeth. Hang in there. once those gigi2 dah break through he'll sleep a lot better.