Happy Eleven Months

This letter is meant to be written on Sheraz's birthdate, 15. I always try to issue it on time every month but what's the rush on issuing it early as he won't be reading this unless if it's the next few more years.

Okay, I was just trying to find an excuse.

* * *

Dear little Sheraz,

You just turned 11 months old. It's now very close to your first birthday. I can't imagine how time flies. You play like a little boy, I hardly see the little baby in you because simply you're no longer a baby! Sometimes I wish you don't grow that fast because I know soon you'll no longer fit on my lap or maybe you'll prefer to play with your friends. I wish I could save those wonderful moments and put them in a jar, so once you get to understand everything, I would give it to you so you would see and feel the excitement and happiness when we're with you.

It's wonderful to see you're progressing. You took the first real few steps to walk when you were 10 months, 1 week and 2 days old. Today you can walk fast and better all across our home even though you're still learning to balance your body.

The first few days of trying to walk were exciting yet nerve-racking. You wanted to run but at the same time still staggering like a drunk. You fell down here and there, making bumps and bruises. Every time you fall, I try not to overreact or rush over to you. I don't want you to cry in response to my alarmed reaction. What I mostly do is saying something like "It's okay, you're fine. Try again." It works. You can cope all the fall without crying, and you're okay.

Last week you fell, landed on your upper lip when you failed to catch a balloon. You're such a hero, cried for a second while your brittle bunda cried in panic to see a nearly spoonful of blood from the cut. You smiled and played with your lips, tasting the blood. We were sad to see that sudden Tweety Bird lip, but you seemed to be just fine. On the 15, again you fell down. You left a bigger wound on and under your nose. I hope it won't leave any permanent mark on your face. But the most important thing is that you're fine and that your nose is still in perfect shape.

The last two days I got the shock of my life when I saw you sitting outside the baby walker when a minute before I was the one who put you in it. I couldn't believe that you were able to get out from your walker by yourself. So I told your father and last night we tried to make you climb out from the walker to proof it. And unbelievably you did it. It was recorded and quickly emailed to your grandpa. He was also surprised and asked who taught you such skill.

Another one new thing is that you're now able to climb up the sofa. Baby proofing our home again is so important at this juncture. You can always climb our bed or the couch but what happen if you miss your grip and fall down? I had started earlier to teach you how to get down from bed or couch because you always try to get down by heading your head first instead of your feet. But nowadays slowly you know how to do it. Even though sometimes you just dive heading your head first to the ground. It's creepy. The thing is that you're so quick. I feel like we're always running all over to catch you all the time.

Sheraz little poppet, when you walk you lift up both of your arms to control and balance your body. The first few days of being on your feet you raised your hands and making funny hand movements like you're dancing.

Your walking style is funny. You can't stop in the middle like you have to stop somewhere holding to anything you can grab. That's why you run because you want to quickly reach anything you can reach. Today you're a better walker, even though you don't look steady enough. You know what, you can stand your own without holding on to anything. And you do it fast.

Sheraz little sunshine, we are now in fasting month of Ramadhan. Last ramadhan was only bunda and ayah. I was heavily pregnant to you. I remembered during sahur your father teased me by pointing to the staircase and said "look, little Sheraz is coming down to sahur too." It was funny. Today is the 11th day of Ramadhan and along the time you're also awake at 4 or 5 am to join us for sahur. Last year was only a dream to have you with us. Today it is for real! When you're awake, you only get back to sleep on the way to school. So during sahur, you'd sit on the high chair next to ayah. Ayah feeds you with dates or biscuits. When your food is finished you'd call and grab ayah's shoulder wanting for more. You also like to feed ayah back with your food. It's good to know that you are willing to share.

Sheraz our sweetheart, You still have 6 teeth in total and another two are on the way. I can see those two white caps on the lower gum coming, I hope they won't bother you as much as the first teeth did.

Sheraz, you're a lovable little boy. No matter what, you have to know that bunda and ayah love you and we want you to be a somebody, a good person, a good believer. You will grow older, live your own life and face its ups and downs. What ever it is, come back to bunda and ayah because we're always here for you.

Hugs and kisses,


Sabrina Rafaella said...

active nya dona..hehe! should put a helmet on him :)
cute little teeth. :)

dona::rose said...

aok active. last time he couldnt sit still when we were at your home kan. plus now he's walking. we have to chase him all the time. lol

i think those teeth are big. he was showing them all. hehe