TV and the Baby

Some parents may say a big NO to TV, but i just can't help getting him to sit or settle down while I can get dressed, go to the bathroom, or do housework, anything along those lines. He used to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Hotdog!) until I bought him the Baby Bright Series when he was three months old. It's a great programme though and he loves it.

I used to put him in his little chair until he was able to mobile and the chair leaned forward, fell down with him on it. Now I sit him in his walker, he doesn't need to be buckled up, he can play and watch whenever he wants. Sometimes I caught him laughing and gets excited when he's watching, especially during certain scenes. I don't feel bad about it because it's not like he sits and watches TV all day. He plays and randomly looks for about 2 minutes and continues to play. He has too much to do than to sit on his bums all day!

This is when he was younger.

Sometimes he just doesn't mind watching the tv on the car seat.


Nana Azman said...

he looks exactly like u kak dona..:)

donarose said...

hi Nana :)
Thank you. i take that as a compliment :b