Happy Eight Months

Dear Sheraz sayang,

Today you turn eight amazing months old! You have grown taller and become much smarter. You have shown us more unique adorable character in you and we love you so much, little poppet.

You've been babbling a lot. Initially you would string sounds like mama, gaga, dada, baba or ghoo, ga, ta. Now you say more combinations of "dada gagaga ta" straight in a row which sounds like you're telling me something in a full sentence. The expression on your face when you're uttering those words, looks so cute because you act as if I understand what you say. But I know that your communication skill is emerging when you make a sound like you're out of breath whenever you want to nurse. You would make an eye contact with me, come to me, hold or pull my clothes wanting to nurse. Of course at this point crying is still the way you communicate with people but now I'm glad to clearly understand what you want when it comes to nursing demand. You start to understand simple instructions and know the things I don't encourage you to do. When you want to climb the staircase which you have known is a no-no, you'd wait until I see you and climb only after you make sure that I'm looking at you. I know it's naughty, but hey, you're an eight months old, at this point people would hardly believe what you're capable of. So I know it's naughty but it's cute.

Sheraz, we just had a quite short visit by your grandparents- bunda's parents, Mak Incik and Abah from Jakarta. They were here for ten days, purposely to visit us and of course, you especially. They're so proud of you, little boy. Mak Incik kept saying that you're a smart independent boy. You know how to play alone and have the initiative how to make things work. You are always curious on a lot of things. Every time you get in the car, you'd keep trying to press the window switch after you saw Mak Incik pressed it and you quickly figured out that it's meant to be pressed so the glass can roll down. You like to play with your toys, examine them, throw them, and pick them up. You also know how to play with a ball and roll it back to me.

Sheraz, despite those cries and screams which always make me feel nervous, you still always make my life brighter. There's nothing more pleasing but to see you grow. May Allah protect you from any harm.

Hugs and kisses,


misha.w said...

mata sheraz sgt galak. comels!
anyway, happy 8mths lil sheraz. kejap je masa berlalu kan? :)

ella said...

happy eight months sheraz! such big boy now!

donarose said...

Thank you aunties! Sorry for the long delay :D