Bumps and Bruises Stage?

Sheraz is a busy adventurous baby. He's always busy playing, exploring, learning, discovering. The bad news is it seems that we are now entering the possible bumps and bruises stage which frightens me a whole lot.

The little guy has fallen so often and it doesn't seem to even phase him at all. But of course I sometimes hold my breath and my heart always beats even faster than what you can imagine. Learning to walk around hard surfaces can turn into a heart rendering incident in a flash. So scared! I think I need a helmet for him! I always caught him pulling himself up at the very odd places. Standing by holding his moving walker, crawling so fast to the edge of the bed, climbing here and there. He is VERY proud of himself. I hope this baby is NOT going to give me grey hair!

This is Ee-O one of his favourite toys whose any part of the body always ends up being in Sheraz's mouth. yes, the little guy really likes to bite it.


Notice the blood stain?

It's Sheraz's. He almost gave me a heart attack! A few days ago he stood up holding on his cot railing, moved his body back and forth so hard and suddenly bang. His upper lip hit the railing and one of his upper tooth bled. When he was crying he bit this best friend and there I could see the blood! That was the first bloody incident. I hope there won't be any more crashes. I don't want him to get hurt!


::Ida:: said...

ouch. kesian sheraz. is he having trouble nak makan tak or nurse? because baby kan they tend to like.. phobia..

hariz pernah jugak.. gusi darah sbb gigit bottle water. erk. then nak bagi makan pon dier tak mau.. mcm serik..

ella said...

boy will always be boy lah! hehe!

i think that's normal for baby with new emerging skils like sheraz. sket2 terhantuk sini sana tu biasalah.. cumanye we as their parents have to make sure that the surrounding is safe for them. definition of safe? tak membahayakan nyawa dan kesihatan.

my baby pon dah bape kali terhantuk/terlentang. but then she'll cry and learn that sometimes, life hurts. huhu!

donarose said...

Ida, sheraz ok. dia nangis sekejap jer. kita yg panic sbb tengok darah. alhamdulillah makan ok.

Ella,betul. kadang2 bila x larat nak ikut dia merangkak ker panjat ker, dalam hati ada jugak cakap "jatuh tu perkara biasa." but not to the extent I simply leave him la. now we try to make each room in the house as baby-proof as possible.