Last weekend we had a blast holiday! DH got an office trip to Sematan. Sematan is about 130 km from Kuching. Roughly it's about one and a half to two hour drive from our place. It is a fishing village located at the far west tip of Sarawak, facing the South China Sea.

Each family drove themselves there. I mean, no bus lah. But DH and his -the so called Legstrong team- transported themselves by bike. For them it was a long four hour trip. Yup, they really dared rode themselves to exhaustion.

So, he left me and Sheraz. I mean this is the longest trip I and Sheraz ever did. A quite far in distance with ONLY me and him. Normally if we drive together with the baby, one of us can take turn carry him when he cries. But this time I didn't have a 'back-up' so I just had to deal with it.

We left on Saturday 11.54AM while DH already left before the dawn. It was only a one night stay, but the stuffs I brought were quite a lot. (There were more to stuff in the car boot.)

Only after fifteen minutes of driving Sheraz screamed. He wanted to drink. Then I had to stop somewhere since I didn't want to have a screaming baby accompanying me for almost two hours. That was the first time I nursed him at the driver seat! (Look where the baby parked his foot on.)

Once done we continued driving, of course I was happy with a BIG peace of mind. But just when I thought about it he screamed again. This time I knew he was sleepy. Normally if he's full he'd easily get sleepy and cranky. There's no way I can pull the car off again when it was nearly 1:45PM, so what I did was I gave him this magic bite.

And look, he's getting really sleepy. But this smart baby kept on fighting his sleep. He still had the crackers and wanted more even when he's so much drowsy.

Finally he slept, and with this in his hand. I just let he had it. No way I'd wake him up by removing those from his hand. And he had also some messy leftovers on his face. Gross I know.

It was raining so heavy. I laughed at the baby (evil kan) cause he was finally asleep and bunda won!

Guess what, ten minutes passed, I heard him crying - AGAIN. and suddenly I heard a massive explosion from his little 'lower'. What AGAIN? He just pooped. I was worried how I was supposed to change the diaper in the car and when it's raining heavily and there's no R&R (this is not North-South highway!).

Lucky for me, he was back to sleep. And so I gaily drove my way to Sematan :D

The rain stopped when we were almost there. Look at the hill with the mist. (DH would be mad at me when he knew I'd been taking pictures while driving 90-100 km per hour.)

And below are pictures when we're there. Sheraz was so excited, and he slept for a quite long hours. We even had to wake him up the next day for breakfast. By the way, we got him swim in the beach too! Well, ten minutes only. Sheraz is still a baby anyway. And we don't want him to be exposed to sun too much. The good thing is he now doesn't sneeze whilst out in sunlight.

Both got sunburn. How about bunda? never ask! :D


::Ida:: said...

isk camne la drive with a baby. dona alone plak tu. camne ngn his food? dona bawak tak? blog la about it. boleh share :)

donarose said...

Aar, masa tu nervous nak drive dengan baby sorang. kalau p kerja dia nangis n jerit pun dah panic, yg ni jauh plak tu.

x ada yg menarik pasal food la Ida. Dona bawak yg dalam botol jer untuk travel, senang. :)