I know I'm a mother when ..

..a poopy blowout makes me laugh

..my husband starts calling me bunda

..I find myself washing bottles and pumpshields at 3 o'clock in the morning

..waking up to nurse a few times during the night becomes a routine

..I use the toilet downstairs in the middle of the night even when I'm very much sleepy because I'm afraid the sound of the toilet flush would awaken the little one

..my cell phone memory card is full of gummy smile pictures

..I look at other mom tried to soothe her crying baby with empathy instead of irritation

..the little one sneezes right in my face and I just laugh and say "alhamdulillah"

..it takes me forever to type out a message or response because I'm feeding, talking to, bathing or playing with the little one

..I find myself ironing cutie little clothes everyday

..I find myself put labels with LO's name on all his toiletries and stuffs so they won't get mixed up with someone else's at the nursery

..I try to learn by heart many Nasyid lyrics so I would have a variety of songs for the little one

..I open youtube searching for nursery rhymes

..a big burp excites me

..I don't mind picking the little one's nose

..I start window shopping in baby section

..a 15-minute shower becomes a luxury rather than a requirement

..pooping is no longer a 'pleasure' when being alert of a crying voice

..I still look in the mirror in the back seat of the car so that I can see the little one, even if I know he's not there.

..every noise sounds hundred times louder when I finally get the little one to sleep after a fussy day

..I find myself irritated when someone sneezes after a hard work of getting the little one to bed

..I don't feel it's embarrasing to talk baby-talk in public to the little one in the stroller

..I wear shirts when I'm not really a fan to because they suit for nursing

...I checklisted the LO's stuffs before going out and forgot to bring my own purse because I was so worried I was going to forget something for him

...I have lunch with friends and hardly say anything until someone asks about the baby

..I turn on the TV and my fingers automatically searching for the Disney channel

..everything about LO is adorable even if he just made me carry him for quite a long time because he cannot calm himself

..I hardly wear accessories even earings or watches because I'm afraid they would scratch the little one

..everything I do I'd always think for the little one

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