I'm on treatment. It's not about losing my weight or a facial one. It is an eye treatment. Well, early last week I was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer in my left eye, and I've been treating it since then. Blame me because it is due to my own negligence. I shouldn't have worn contact lenses too long. Very long as long as sleeping with the contacts on. Lucky me it only happened to only one eye and lucky me the affected area was not at the centre of the cornea (see below image to get the picture of how it affected my eye), so it didn't disturb my sight so much.

But I got painful eye due to nerve exposure and it was very red. Both eyes matched the Indonesian flag. I and Roy went to an ophthalmologist and he was trying to explain that I was at risk of blindness if no treatment is given appropriately since the infection may spread to the whole eye. Of course I was petrified. There was a patient before us and he told us that she got the same case but hers was worse and the infection was already spread out. This lady has been his patient for more than a year and she in fact has had vision loss, practically no medication could heal the eye. The doctor then showed us some worse cases by pictures he has as if he was frightening me.

So it's been nearly a week and I'm still on treatment. But alhamdulillah I'm fine and my eye does respond to the treatment very well and quite quick. Last appointment the doctor said some case like mine could be as long as a month. I'm so grateful. I prayed a lot because I want to be back normal as my baby needs me. I know it's so dramatic and of course it is tragic because of own fault. So next week I'll be seeing the doctor again. If everything is good only then he can decide whether I can wear those contacts back or not.


butter-and-fly said...

mata nya skrg gmna kak ?
kk udh ngga pake contact lens lagi skrg ?

donarose said...

no contact lens dalam 2 minggu. nanti pakai lagi hehe

butter-and-fly said...

makanya jangan males copot contact lens klo mu tidur. hehee