Sheraz and the Day Care Centre

It's been a while since the last post. Well I've been very much occupied and am still adjusting so many things since returning to work. The first two weeks Sheraz was taken care by my sil at home. Due to some subjects we had to start sending him to the nursery, as planned earlier on. It's not that what we desire but we got no other better choice. We have to let him being with other people and yet they're strangers. But we need to start thinking positively. After all it isn't a totally bad idea. As early as he is today, Sheraz will have to start socializing with other people and being exposed to outside environment rather than staying at home. He will have more opportunities to play and learn with other babies and children. While it also means that he's exposed to illness, we just hope for the best. Yes there are advantages and the disadvantages. Sometimes we need to learn through different or hard way. And so does Sheraz. Care at the nursery is less individualized, guess he will need to learn getting what he wants by waiting or crying longer. I just need to monitor his behavior. If he tends to act differently in personality and mood, I may need to check the centre and most probably need to change. During my first survey and visit to the day care centre I could see these happy face babies. Though it's not a good barometer, I just hope Sheraz will be happy and fine. May Allah protect him.

So Sheraz has been going to the nursery this whole week since the 1st of December and alhamdulillah he's been doing fine. DH once did a short visit during lunch time, the little one was having a nap and they said he's been well behaved. Everyday after 5 pm we can see this happy little face when he sees us come to pick him up. On the way home I have the time to nurse him. That's one of the advantages, when he commutes with me, we can spend more time together.

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