Happy Two Months

Dear my little poppet Sheraz,

Today you are two amazing months old. I can't believe how time flies so fast. I feel like experiencing the fastest time in my life. You are likely to grow out of some of your newborn clothes and moving to 3-6 outfits. You weigh 6 kilograms and getting much longer. I cannot carry you for so long unless my arms are well supported. You still have fussy time and likely to drink a lot. It shows that you can't wait to grow bigger everyday.

Sheraz - Bunda's sweetheart, I love to see you smile, it melts me so bad. Now you can carry on a conversation with clear eye contact. Your favorite words are ah-gurh and gooh, sometimes you sound like you're gurgling. It's cute. You seem to understand what I say and you'd eagerly say something back or answer my questions. Even though I hardly understand, I love when you do it.

Now we've been together for more than eleven wonderful months. It's not something I desire but there's time when I have to leave you - for a while. Last Friday was my first day at work. It was hard for me to leave you. I never anxiously looked forward to see you awake as I did before. When you rose and opened your eyes before 7 a.m. I quickly carried and nursed you straightaway. That day I couldn't wait to be back home. When I was home you were awaken by my voice. The next day you didn't want to sleep unless cuddled in my arms. I know we both missed each other.

Sheraz - Bunda's little sunshine, you are an adorable personality. Bunda and ayah are so grateful and happy to have you. You're a perfect addition to the family. May Allah protect you always.




Mroyz said...

Sayang Sheraz

donarose said...

sheraz jer?

Mroyz said...

Sayang Bunda Sheraz jugak :)

butter-and-fly said...

Maksu sayang sheraz.. =')
can not wait to see my lovely nephew Sheraz again.. ='( really miss sheraz's voice..

Dona said...

Makcik Anna loves you too Sheraz. Even though we haven't met. Be good to Bunda and Ayah, boy and we shall meet soon, inshaallah.