The Little Commuter

As of today Sheraz has been sent to the nursery for two weeks. The nursery is somewhere near my office. Even though there are few numbers of daycare centres nearby our house, we purposely chose this one so that he would be closer to me. I can easily drop by to visit him and we have more time to spend together. But this means he needs to commute with us everyday.

So we leave home around 7 am each day. Sheraz enjoys being in a moving car. He likes outings so much. So mostIy we don't have problem bringing him with us. I have to send DH first before sending the baby. As I'm driving alone we have to get him in a car seat. Since he's still a baby, his car seat is a rear facing one. At first it was a bit scary for me to actually leave him alone at the rear passenger seat with him facing the back. But alhamdulillah he's been doing okay. We put two little mirrors at different angles in front of him so that we can monitor him through our rear mirror. I'm able to see how and what he's doing all the way. Mostly I can hear his excited voice like woo, haar or brrr. As I said, he's an observer, he likes to look at the window watching the outside. He likes to see the skies, trees or the street lightings 'moving'. When I stop for the red light, he protests. Luckily Kch is a small town, so traffic jam is not that bad. Here take a look at the little like-to-observe-commuter's face..

And this is while he's sleeping

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