"I and My Stroller"

"I love going for an outing. Almost every week bunda and ayah bring me jalan-jalan. They say they need to buy groceries. I need to follow them since there's nobody to stay with me at home. yay! They put me in a stroller because they say it's more convenient. I don't like to be laid in it because I can't see much but lightings above me. But I'm happy when ayah lets me stay in a sitting position, that way I feel more comfortable and .. I can start observing lots of things.."

"owh suddenly bunda wants to snap a picture of me. Wait, bunda. Well I'm a bit shy."

"How should I pose? Is this okay? I just don't feel right especially with this hat on. Why does bunda want to cover my head anyway"

"Okay, that's better. Now snap it, bunda. I'm proud of my nearly bald head. That's why Mak Incik calls me 'the little professor'. So now please take me for a walk around."


alana said...

salam dona.. ok jgk sheraz jln2? sy x bwk nadira outing lg. kmi dua duk umah je. tgu hubby blk xmas ni utk knduri then baru la outing. lgpun nk bli stroller. kk dun hav much choice. so juz buy apa yg ada la. huhu.. best la sheraz dah suits ngan nursery dia. nadira ni x tau lg cmana. ada maid nk dtg dr indonesia, skrg baru smpai riau. ntah bila smpai kk. 4 of jan dah stat keje. huhu..
msti snang jaga sheraz. klu nadira ni manja.. pyh ckit jaga. hope bila bsar ok la.;)

donarose said...

wsalam.kalau jalan kena bw susu n diaper. kalau dia kenyang n diaper bersih mesti senang bw baby jln.

Bestnya cuti lama..skrg masih jaga Nadira. skrg ni dah boleh dah start buat rehearsal. Nadira dah boleh minum kat botol?

sheraz pun manja kat rumah. tp dengan org lain dia ok. jgn risau.. mngkin nadira pun mcm tu.

butter-and-fly said...

aaaahhhh comeeeee betuuuulll !!!
maksu really miss u so much !
always take care my little professor =) ok ?