Faces of the Nurser

Since the baby was born I feel like he's attached on me most of the time. Nursing is a new round-the-clock- job for me. I am enjoying it even though it's pretty exhausting. These are the moments that only I can share with the baby. Chances are that once he's weaned, I'll be looking back and missing these many hours of nursing. So I've been recording them in pictures.

Before: Getting impatient

During: Enjoying

After: Feeling content and falling a sleep in my arm

... and sometimes smiling showing that he's happy


Ar-Afiq said...

Salam wrm wbt

Tahniah kak dona! Dah lahir dah duhal. Heheh.

Handsome juak mohammad syeraz. :D

Moganya jadi anak soleh (rindok ati dgr nya tenang mndengar Yassin.)

Afiq. (Pekerja sementara Affrin Architects 2008)

donarose said...

Salam. Thanx Afiq! Amin3. Mcam nie tetiba jumpa blog tok?

Ar-Afiq said...

Heheh. Ada sekali ktk nganta emel kat kmk. Kat emel ya ada ktk ngkah blog lamak ktk. Klik sia, kebetulan nampak post last ktk, ada link ke blog tok. So, stat sialah baca blog tok. Hehehh.

Kim salam ngan Sheraz. ;)