38-Week Appointment

MCPD: 37 weeks 6 days

I went to my 38 week antenatal visit. Besides the sudden little swelling in my feet, everything was fine. I didn't know the result of my haemoglobin (Hgb) level. They didn't do thumb prick test. Last week it was 10.4. Not so good but not so bad either. I'm just afraid my anemic blood would harm the baby. The last two weeks' Hgb results weren't satisfying. But the nurse seemed not to worry about that. Hopefully, LO is just fine. He's been very active as usual. When I'm writing this, he's moving, protruding parts of his body out, making the bump looks odd. My skin is stretched and very tight, when he moves, it just looks creepy.

So 37 weeks means I have completed the full term of pregnancy! Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow I'll be exactly 38 weeks, it means there are two more weeks to go. But this baby is ready and cooked, so he can pop out anytime. Anyway, he's due anytime now. The nurse scheduled the next appointment. She said "If you haven't delivered, you may come back here next week." Freaky.


alana said...

salam dona..

mine also, d nurse said d baby's head already engaged down there. so it'll b anytime soon 4 d labor. hb 10.4? cuba dona mkn kurma byk2. kurma byk iron so dpt tmbah hb darah. mine also juz 10.8 las month but ari kamis lps naik jd 11.1. i think it's because eating d dates. lgpun hikmah posa kali. hehe..

kaki dona bgkak2? sy xda plak bgkak2. juz skrg ni mmg skit blkg. nurse ckp tulang pelvis tgh m'buka utk deliver.

klu smpai masa, dona bgtau k;). me 2.. hehe.. mntau sama date labor kita nnti.. hehe. but mine hopefully after 12th sbb hubby stat ada d kk dr 12th.

k, dona tek k tau;)

donarose said...


Previously 12 then down to 11 then masuk 9 bulan drop to 10.4. Kurma ok yer. Puasa ni makan kurma at least 2 biji jer satu hari. maknanya kena makan banyak lagi. thnx for the tips.

Bengkak kaki tu dn x perasan, nurse cakap bengkak sikit. Then only I noticed both my feet look a bit 'fat'.

Ntah la, masuk the final month ni hgb turun lah, kaki bengkak lah. But hopefully everything will be fine.

Apa2 berlaku I'll inform. Noe pun, ok?! Hopefully, after 12th la, hubby ada senang sikit. Mine I just hope after 10th since my parents will arrive here on d 10th. Kalau xda ibu sendiri x seronok :) sbb we are first timers kan, really need closest people around. Goodluck and Take care~

FairyGodmother said...

all the best darling! hope you and the baby are well!